Artist Of The Week: 2 CLVR Designs

Headpiece by 2CLVRDesigns for collection Lulu et Gigi

Happy Friday Everyone!
As I mentioned in my last post, one of the new blog feature I'm most excited about is this very wonderful "artist of the week" section! 
Getting to know our fabulous, inspiring and talented paper artists from around the world! 
Last week we got to know more about our wonderful Danielle from Backdrop in the Box and this week for our second feature I'm presenting you the ever so inspiring
Laura, artist and owner of the paper flower studio 2 CLVR Designs
Laura offers services from weddings, rentals, home decor to window installations! 
She even had the pleasure to designed gorgeous paper couture headpieces like high fashion hair fascinators for NCFW 2016 runway! 

Here are a few questions I asked Laura:

Me: How or why did you start making paper flowers? 

Laura: I started making flowers after my youngest was diagnosed with Autism. I needed to stay home for his treatments and be there for him and our family. I started making small embellishments and then played with more realistic flowers. As I grew more confident I started to make wedding flowers for clients.

Me: What is your most important artist tool? 
Is there something you can’t work without in your studio? 

Laura: My most important tool is my I love my bamboo chopsticks. I use them on every flower and I can't work without them.

Me: What is your dream paper flower project? 

Laura: My dream flower project would be a window display for a large organization. But really it is making flowers for those that love what I do and knowing that they will last a lifetime and bring so much joy.

Me: Favourite or most inspirational place?

Laura: My favourite inspirational place really is Pinterest....and nature. I love to go for walks and see real flowers and leaves and great from nature.

Here are a few pictures of Laura's amazing designs:

Headpiece by 2CLVRDesigns for collection Lulu et Gigi


If you wish to be feature, follow @PaperandPeony on Instagram and 
fill the CONTACT FORM (on the sidebar) and I will be in touch! 

Can't wait to get to know you all!


  1. Love it....thank you for the feature. Your such an inspiration

    1. You are welcome darling! Let's share to the world your beautiful paper arts!


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