How to Install Giant Paper Flowers in Your Home

Well hello my sweets!
I hope you are well and staying healthy and safe in these challenging times.

In the last months - all of us had to make a few changes in the way we go about our daily routine and for me that goes also for the way I offer my product and services. 

Since the release of my book in 2017, I've been keeping busy with teaching awesome paper flower workshops locally. Teaching became for me a way to fuel my creativity - After each class my heart is filled with happiness...I always give my 200% and to be honest...I'm totally "pooped out" right after but I'm feeling so happy and blessed to be able to share with others the wonderful and magical art of paper flower making! 

With Covid-19 - and the public gathering restrictions - I started to miss connecting with my peeps and share my secret tips - I decided to give zoom a try and you won't believe how successful the first class turned out to be! I had organized a Tea Party here in town - light lunch - tea sampling and learning to make a cluster of paper flower to fill a vintage teacup - I had to make a decision to cancel or moving the class online --- Oh! After the class I received so many photos of the ladies showing me their lovely teacup - it gave me the confidence I needed to believe  online workshop really work and of course - I do my best to make it as if I was there right beside each of the participant! 
Teacup in Bloom Workshop

All that to say - This week I did the Giant Paper Flower Cluster Workshop and we had so much fun!
I recorded the zoom session so my ladies can review the steps at their own pace - I edited the 2 hours class and made a 45 minutes video (now available to purchase here) - but while working on that I thought to make a mini video to share with you my Pro Tips on How To Install Giant Paper Flower in your Home - but also  the purpose is of course --to give you a taste of the complete workshop - you too can learn to make paper bloom in great company in the comfort of your home! 
I had students from all over the world - it was  2 hours of crafting fun!!!

If you wish to make the Giant Paper Flower Cluster - of course all the tutorials are in my book Bold & Beautiful Paper Flower. The template for the flowers are available on my website for FREE - Contact me if you wish to receive the list of the templates needed or you can buy the DIY Kit I have now in the shop! 
Oh! And guess what??? I now offer private online "Craft Parties" 
and here you can also keep an eye open for the next workshop's dates!

Are you ready to view the video tutorial?
I made it available to view on YouTube!

I can't wait to see all the photos of your installation!!!
Happy Bloom Making my sweets!


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