Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers Private Party Workshop


Well hello my Sweets! How are you keeping?

As you all know- Covid made us re-think how we do business - Since the launch of my book  I've been busy teaching workshops locally - 
Teaching the amazing art of paper flowers makes me happy! 
So, for the remaining of 2020 I kept teaching my paper flower workshop online. I also did private parties - Private parties? Well yes...Since we all strive to respect the safety guidelines like social distancing- we miss spending quality time with our love ones- the reason I now offer you the chance to spend an hour or two in the sweet company of your friends and family (who lives close by or across the country)
 by learning a fun new craft:  The Art of Paper Flower Making!  Special events like Baby or Bridal Shower are welcome! Trust me when I say it's a party! The chemistry, the atmosphere and conversations between attendees feel like a giant hug - and it's so nice when at the end of a class we see the flowers we all made together!
I teach both in French and English and NO - you don't need to have paper flower making experience - I will guide you through every steps and I promise you'll successfully make an exact replica as my flower project!!!  

How to book a private party workshop?

The price for a class is from $25 to $50 CAD - One to two hour long - depending on the project.
My schedule is flexible: evening, weekend, weekdays - you pick a date and time that works with everyone (time zones taken into consideration - Canada and USA only for now) - then you pick a project.
The Host and I agree on a date and time and then I send the booking link to the host which then share with the group. 
Once everyone booked their workshop - I ship or locally deliver to everyone the material needed for the class! The day before the set date I email the group the zoom link where we'll meet and spend time together and learn a new skill!

Workshop Projects I offer:

*I supply the tools and materials needed for each project. 

Giant Paper Flower Cluster: 
Duration: 2 hours  
Cost: $50 + $10 extra for shipping fees. 
Learn to make fabulous giant paper flowers for your home or event decor! During the two hours class we will complete together a lovely cluster of 3 large paper flowers (from 12” to 18” diameter) with leaves. 

Paper Peony Flowerpot:
Duration: 2 hours 
Cost: $50 + $10 extra for shipping fees.
An arrangement of 3 paper Peonies, buds and leaves mounted in a flowerpot.

Paper Dahlia on Stems:
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $50 + $10 extra for shipping fees.
An assortment of 3 Dahlias: one 6" diameter, one 4.25" diameter both plate style -- and one Full Bloom Dahlia - round ball style (3.25" diameter) - mounted on stems with leaves.

Fleurs on Canvas:
Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: $50 + $10 extra for shipping fees.
Assortment of medium and mini flowers with greenery - including a cutout paper vase that are mounted on an oval shaped (7" x 9") canvas.

Mini Wreath
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $50 + $10 extra for shipping fees.
(Seasonal color palette): Beautiful  6” diameter grapevine wreath by learning the techniques to make the following paper flowers: Gardenia, Dahlia, Marigold and Black-Eyed-Susans/Daisy (seasonal color palette)

Mini Bouquet (super popular!)
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $50 + $10 extra for shipping
Mini paper flower bouquet mounted in a 4" galvanized silver flowerpot. Choice of color palette.

One Hour Class:
Cost: $25.00 + $5.00 shipping fees.
One 6" Dahlia on stem with leaves.
This class is design to help you get started with the art of paper flower making - The selection of flowers is from Chantal's Best Selling DIY Book: Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers. 

My dear lovelies, do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding the workshops. 

Until our next rendez-vous here on the blog - Remember...
"Life is Too Short To Say NO to Paper Flowers"


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