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My Take on Black Photography Backdrop

Photo credit: Chantal Larocque

There is something intense, dramatic and deep about taking photos on a black backdrop... 
while doing some research and experiments with my camera, 
I learned it's much easier to photograph  against a solid background and then add/subtract filler items for context.  In gardening photography, this is called a specimen shot where the only thing of interest is an individual plant, flower, or leaf, and this kind of photography can be its own separate category in a gardening photography competition. Although in my photos I often have more than one specimen...I like to think my product fit the category perfectly!

Chantal Larocque

 I LOVE the freshness a white background creates!  However, something white against something black can really highlight the details that might have otherwise been missed!  

Chantal Larocque

Chantal Larocque

Chantal Larocque

Chantal Larocque
Chantal Larocque

To create my own black backdrop, I use two large foam boards I purchased at Walmart  - and sometimes, I use one of my old black velvet dress since the velvet fabric is known to absorbs the light in the best possible way.  Stretching the fabric nicely so that the folds do not appear in the image. Being smooth and free from the creases absorbs more light and also makes the editing much easier.

With my online paper flower business, photography became  second nature! I learned early on the importance of  "clickable photos" which are the photos your potential shoppers  WANT to click on!  I'm not a professional photographer...far from that...I'm constantly learning and experimenting with my camera, different lighting and backdrops and boy did I learn alot while I was shooting all the photos for my book 

Author Chantal Larocque

I hope you enjoy these few tips that works very well with either natural or studio lighting! 


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