My Journey as a Paper Flower Artist - Part 2

My interview with local newspaper promoting my book "Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers" 

Hey Lovelies, if you are here for the first time, I wish you a warm welcome to my little blog! 
For all of you that have been following my stories, I'm so happy you are back! 
Today I'm getting a bit more personal and emotional than usual! 
As you must of noticed by now, I have a very strong french accent even when I write - because of that,  for so long I prevented myself to blog regularly because I worry my english was not perfect enough. Well...I finally decided that shouldn't really stop me so here I am! I presume if you are back or still reading it's because you understand what I'm saying so far so I will continue!

My last post (my journey Part 1) was about when I first started my paper flower business: from my mini blooms to bridal packages. Also during that time, due to the high demand, I started making extra large paper flowers for wedding and photos backdrop and they became part of my large inventory.
My very first large paper flower project for Atmosphere Designs - click here to view more photos

In the recent years I had the pleasure to work on many fabulous projects like the making of the flowers in collaboration with the DPA Group for decorating the Celebrity Gift Suite on Rodeo Drive during the Pre-Golden Globe Award Ceremony 2017! 

As for the Summer 2017, I was one of 100 artists selected to participate in “The Brain Project”.  A thought provoking public exhibition in downtown Toronto of brain sculptures that were sold to sponsoring organizations or collectors worldwide. Proceeds supported Baycrest Health Sciences, a world leader in brain health and aging. 
Photo by Karen Casey Photography

My brain sculpture was located at the NATHAN PHILLIPS SQUARE 
downtown Toronto and is sponsored by Colliers International
In 2016,  Page Street Publishing Co.  offered me a book deal...I KNOW! To write a whole DIY book is a completely different project than what I was used to - different mindset.  The fact I never wrote a book before - all the "book lingo" sounded so foreign to me. I spent many hours doing research online, I also sought advices from my Attorney which also reviewed the contract before I put my signature on it... A new journey began and I embraced it fully. 
I worked over 12 months on the book - all by myself - no help in making and photographing each project, each step, writing texts, doing researches, editing photos, taking more photos, redoing project, writing... 
(Please note the manuscript was edited by Caroline Langevin - who also photographed the book cover so beautifully - I wrote the text in english but since I sound very french, Caroline made sure the text was "readable" but carefully kept my personality all through it!) 

When I finally submitted the manuscript I was yes - very relieved it was done but also a total mess! WHAT?!?  Yes...I'm pretty sure all of you who worked on books can relate - I was extremely tired and emotionally drained. I literally poured my whole heart into this project, the book ended up sucking all my energy and of course - what happens when you feel that tired? -insecurity started to set in. I was thrilled with how the book turned out...The team at Page Street Publishing Co. were so awesome to work with and they laid out all my materials so beautifully - I mean the book is a gem! Still, when the big day - The Book Release Day arrived - I was still low in self-confidence and feeling extremely vulnerable. That's why it has taking me so long to expose myself know to be like "Hey everyone! I wrote a book and it's awesome!" I wanted the world to know how proud I was of this amazing book - I wanted to scream far and loud about it - but it felt like no sound was coming out of my throat. I wanted to make videos of the techniques and do FB live session all the time. I was paralyzed (amazing how much we can hide behind the computer or pretty photos on instagram!) I felt very alone in the whole process and that until I started getting direct messages from my wonderful followers around the world telling me how much they enjoy the book and showing me pictures of the beautiful paper flowers they made with the help of MY book...all of this love was (and still is) to me  fuel that made my heart beat again...My wonderful worldwide supporters reanimated me with kind notes - YOU my dearest, brought the artist in me back to life!!! How awesome is that?  
There is no words that I can think that could describes how deeply grateful I am...You guys rock!

With all that I felt the need to tell you my journey as a paper flower artist because it's way too easy to hide behind pretty photos on Instagram and Facebook and it doesn't help me by staying hidden. 

So together, let's make this book a worldwide #1 DIY reference by sharing to everyone how much you enjoy learning from it! 

Share the links, share pictures of the book, share photos of your paper flowers that you made with the help of the book...share my videos, my tutorials (coming soon - I promise...stay tune!!) because as I said in the book's introduction Chapter: 
“My hope for you is not only to learn skills through this collection of projects, but also that it brings you a little something more: happy vibes when you transform pieces of paper into impressive works of art for yourself or loved ones.” 

And don't forget: 
“Paper flowers make just about any heart smile…and that- is the best gift of all!” 

Until our next rendez-vous here on the blog, 
take care my lovelies!

From my heart to your home


  1. You're a trust artist and inspiration! I adore your work.

  2. I enjoyed reading your story Chantal! I can relate to so much of what you were feeling.......I call myself a "Closet Crafter" . Thank you for sharing your story, you are an inspiration! My favorite thing to do is make flowers......its my happy place!

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  4. When I was little I used to make paper flowers with my mom. Such a good memory. Now my interest is peaked again and my mom has been long gone. I am determined to learn this art again.

  5. Love your story, thank you for being a great mentor & inspiring us to step out of our box. I have so much to learn. I’ve watched videos & still can’t get my flowers like yours. I guess practice makes perfect.

  6. I have made a few paper flowers just from looking at your pictures. They turned out amazing and not really too difficult. Of course I did an easy one I would absolutely love a copy of your book. My sisters have all been inspired. I see lots of flowers in our future.

  7. As an avid crafter, I'm constantly trying my hand at different crafts. My favourites are paper crafts and flower arranging and in recent years I've combined the 2 by making paper flower arrangements. You are such an inspiration and your work makes my heart sing ♡ A follower from sunny South Africa ♡♡♡

  8. Just finished reading part 1 and 2 of this story and I'm really amazed to see how much your art have grown �� you are one of my inspirations on making paper flowers ������

  9. Love your amazing flowers that you turn into a piece of art. Keep up the great work because i want to see more ♥

  10. No surprises you have made the most amazing success of it all. Miss you always. Julia

    1. Hello dear Julia! I received a few inquiries for workshop in Ontario this Summer! I can't wait to have a visit with you! HUGS xx


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