3 Easy Steps to Make Beautiful Paper Marigolds


The marigold is synonymous with the sun given its cheerful golden yellow color. Sometimes referred to as the “herb of the sun”, marigolds are thought to denote passion and even creativity! This bloom is one of the first 3D paper flowers I ever created. To this day, I love to include it in my floral compositions for a little dose of ‘happy’! Even a simple trio of marigolds in a small vase is the perfect way to perk up any space. 

To make one Marigold flower, you’ll need:

  • Template P-20 x 4
  • Template P-21 x 2
  • Template P-22 x 2
  • Template C-01 x1
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Molding Mat (mousse pad)
  • Curling tool (wooden dowel)
  • Dimensional tool (round tip of a paintbrush...)
Templates available to download here: TEMPLATES
OR you can purchase the pre-cut petals here: Marigold DIY Kit

Please Note: 

All the instructions and templates featured here on this blog are from my Best-Selling DIY Book Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers Available online and book stores worldwide.

The Marigold

1) Using the skinny part of your curling tool, curl each individual petal inwards on all templates except for the smallest petals (P-22). 

2) Using the molding mat as a working surface, gently press the center of all petal layers including the tiny ones together with your dimensional tool - make sure that the curled petals are facing up.

3) To assemble the bloom, start by stacking the larger petals (P-20), dabbing a small amount of hot glue in the center of each piece as you go. Remember to stagger the placement of each layer as you add the petals to create a full bloom. Next, secure the two medium petals (P-21) to the middle of the bloom with a bit more glue. Lastly, add the smallest petals (P-22) to the center, one inside the other to make the heart of the Marigold look nice and full.

You can view the Video Tutorial on YouTube

You just made a beautiful paper Marigold!!!

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