Tea and Wokshops!


Well hello lovelies, it's been a while since my last post - I thought to share with you a bit of how I've been keeping/coping  during these strange few months and what's happened at the Paper & Peony headquarters!

Health wise - well...it's only by respecting the safety guidelines that we will remain healthy - mask wearing (even if I HATE it), hand washing, keeping safe distance...and that too I find it hard - I often feel like I'm in the middle of scene of science-fiction dystopian movie - eternally waiting for the Producer to yell "CUT" and life goes back to normal...

So much happened the last few months and I've kept somewhat quiet on my social platforms -not sharing anything personal and only posting a few pics here and there... I guess it's my way of coping... 

 - Covid made us re-think how to do business - Since the launch of my book (can you believe it's 3 years ago already!!!) I've been busy teaching workshops locally and out of town - Teaching the amazing art of paper flowers makes me so happy! Last May we were supposed to have a big workshop: Teacup in Bloom - 40 attendees - assortment of teas from Harney & Sons, delicious themed cookies by Kara the Buttercup & Cookies Lady and a light lunch was going to be served as well.  Instead of cancelling - I moved the event online and I'm so glad I did! All the attendees received ahead of time their workshop kits which included a vintage teacup and saucer set - all the pre-cut petals needed to make the paper flowers-  tools- even tea samplers and teacup shaped cookies! To make the event more special - I designed a little flower for everyone to wear as corsage or hair clip during the zoom class - we had an AMAZING time!!

The success of this event made me moved all my workshop online and
the beauty of this is I get to meet lovelies from all around the world! Beautiful friendship have blossomed with ladies from Slovakia and across Canada and United States  - I'm so deeply grateful! 
If you are interested to join one of our online zoom class - here is a new one that I'm very excited about: The Winter Rose Inspired Workshop coming up in November:

Last week - for the first time in months I had the privilege to teach a class in person at the 
famous Lady Smith Manor - Miriam, our generous host served a Cream Tea (a cream tea is a form of afternoon tea light meal, consisting of tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream and jam) - while respecting the guidelines safety for social distancing, we made together a gorgeous Victorian Inspired Mini-Wreath within the historic walls of the Manor...An experience I'm not ready to forget! 

Credit: Miriam Andrews

It feels so good to finally catch-up with all of you!

I hope to have the chance to meet you in person during one of my zoom class!

And did you know I offer private online workshops? I'll be happy to schedule a class for you and close friends and family members -  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Until our next rendez-vous, stay well my sweets!

Click here for workshop details!


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