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My Take on Black Photography Backdrop

There is something intense, dramatic and deep about taking photos on a black backdrop...  while doing some research and experiments with my camera,  I learned it's much easier to photograph  against a solid background and then add/subtract filler items for context.  In gardening photography, this is called a specimen shot where the only thing of interest is an individual plant, flower, or leaf, and this kind of photography can be its own separate category in a gardening photography competition. Although in my photos I often have more than one specimen...I like to think my product fit the category perfectly!

 I LOVE the freshness a white background creates!  However, something white against something black can really highlight the details that might have otherwise been missed!  

Artist of the Week: Claude Garcia

Well hello lovelies!  This week I'm happy to introduce you to Angel; a wonderful paper flower artist and the co-owner with her younger sister of Claude Garcia.
When I first discovered Angel on Instagram I was immediately smitten by all the beautifully styled and perfectly lighted photos of her fabulous paper floral creations.  I encourage you to add Claude Garcia into your IG feed for daily doses of inspiration!
Here are a few questions I asked Angel:
How or why did you start making paper flowers?
I started making paper flowers when I was in between jobs. I've tried and learned several craft projects during that break but along the way i became more and more interested with paper flowers so I decided to focus on this. 
What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?
My most important tool besides my hand is definitely my scissors. I hand cut and hand shaped all my petals so I have several scissors to cut different components of…

Artist of the Week: Paper Ave

Hey lovelies, I'm back with another fantastic Artist of the Week feature!  Let's get close and personal with Donna Tran-Corona, owner and artist behind Paper Ave that is currently based out in Huntington Beach!
I first saw Donna's stunning paper creations on Instagram and I was right away attracted  by her photos style and colorful floral arrangements!
I hope you'll get just as inspired as I was when reading Donna's following  responses to my little questions:
How or why did you start making paper flowers?
I've always had a liking for paper products since I can remember.  Each year during the holiday season, I would have so much fun sitting in the room for hours just wrapping each gift.  In 2015, I started Paper Ave on Instagram as a place to share my gift wrapping ideas, which eventually led to starting up a small side business selling small gift wrapping embellishments with little craft paper flowers. These embellishments were used as a keepsake of the wrappin…