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Whaaaaat?  I know what you're all thinking... Author of best selling DIY book and a few prestigious projects on the chart, fabulous Galas... Nevertheless, my yearly earnings went down the hole big time.
My head was literally spinning with tones of new and creative ideas, but at every turn I was hitting walls...tall, thick walls. I came to the realization that I desperately need help from experts.  But how to afford Expert help when revenue is way down?   Anxiety and insecurity were following my every steps and over-looking every things I did.  I entered one of those infamous roundabout and didn't know how to get out of it...(can you picture it?) ya...I got dizzy and numb until I was faced with the cruel reality: I'm responsible for the fall of my own empire that I worked so hard to built. Now what?

 First, I had to stop comparing myself to everyone else, and compare myself to MYSELF. 

From that perspective, things started to change. I became way more proud of the things I…

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