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Modesty in Business: Own Your Success Gracefully

Hello my sweets! Let me share with you a story...
Last September I attended the glamorous Who The Shoe Are You Gala hosted by   talented and generous Karen Casey.  Oh! What an amazing evening it was... Meeting and chatting with inspiring ladies from the community! I even shared the spotlights alongside amazing women - having our shoes beautifully photographed, telling our stories!!! During that evening I had a lovely chat with Natalie Davison (one of the incredible ladies behind Content Marketing agency Marrow) and to my surprise she mentioned how much she enjoyed the post I reluctantly shared on facebook about one of my achievement!!!  If you know me well... you certainly know it's something I was finding very difficult to do because of my fear of sounding too boastful on social medias! How many times I posted about a project or potential project and delete it as soon as it goes live...the struggle was real my sweets!  And I realized I'm not alone...this is why I decided to …

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