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Featured Artis of the Week: Korinna Krumpholz

Happy Weekend my Sweets! I'm so excited today to present you Korinna Krumpholz - a super talented artist based in Germany.
I love getting to know paper floral artists from around the world...many started making paper flowers as a hobby like Korinna. She makes paper flowers for the pleasure of it!  Korinna is one of my very first follower on Instagram - after a few comments, I clicked on her profile and I started gazing  at her fabulous paper floral creations made with crepe paper! Over the years we both grew within our art developing our unique style.  If you are not following Korinna on Instagram already...I highly encourage you do!   Add to your feed this extra extraordinaire doze of inspiration! 
Gorgeous floral arrangement inspired by Tulipina Design
Let get close and personal with Korinna!

How or why did you start making paper flowers?
As long as I can think of it was important for me to be creative. And I was always on the look-out for new ways to express my creativity. I pai…
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Featured Artist of the Week: Crafted to Bloom

Happy Friday lovelies! This week we are getting up close and personal with the fabulous and super talented Jessie Chui owner and designer at Crafted to Bloom!  Jessie is a self-taught paper floral artist and create beautiful and unique paper floral pieces  using crepe paper. I'm a huge admirer of Jessie's work!...Her intricate floral designs and attention to details makes me gasp at every new creation!  “Capturing a moment in time through intricate, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind paper florals…”
I asked Jessie a few questions and was most amazed to found out how her career made a 360º turn!
1. How or why did you start making paper flowers?
I started making paper flowers because I wanted keepsakes for my wedding. Naturally, I thought of making my centerpieces and bouquets out of a medium that wouldn't perish and turned to crepe paper. I've always been very resourceful so I found it very easy to find ways to teach myself how to make the paper flower (through Pinterest and Lia…


Hey lovelies, today I'm sharing with you some informations I gathered about Diverticulitis. Diverticuli...What? Yes...that's right...What is that?  Even with the large amount of people that suffers from this called disease, we hear so little about, the symptoms and the treatments.  You must wonder by now what's that subject has to do with paper flowers? Well, nothing...only that I was diagnosed with the disease in 2012 when I had my very first attack. The pain...let me tell you about the abdominal pain. (on a scale 1 to 10 --> I'd go with 10+)..I couldn't stand straight, any position was uncomfortable and the fever...since it's an infection, my body would heat up so high...crazy! After a first attack is most likely to have recurring episodes. This week has been the worst attack and it got me worried,  very worried...I deepened my knowledge about it and I scheduled an appointment with my doctor. If this disease gets out of control, it can be life threatening…

Parisian Bridal Shower Inspiration

There's no arguing just how crazy cool bridal showers are (they are awesome), but add a little Parisian-inspired goodness to the day and that everyday bridal shower goes up a notch or two in pretty.  Think gorgeous details styled by Lisa Ho Studio, a paper flower wall (!) from Paper & Peony and a whole lot of beautiful florals from Ellyn Lilly.  All photos captured byLaura Clarke.
From Lisa Ho Studio... I love how the coming together of friends and family for a bridal shower can help make the bride feel so special during such a busy time. Because of this, I really wanted to create an inspiration shoot centered around such a fun event focused on the bride. The inspiration for this bridal shower shoot came from Paris. I wanted to evoke a sense of romance, whimsy and indulgence, all while being very feminine. To create a sense of drama, the white hand-crafted floral backdrop was used. It's a nod to the paper flowers found on the Chanel 2009 runway. The florals really set the s…

My Journey as a Paper Flower Artist - Part 2

My interview with local newspaper promoting my book "Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers"
Hey Lovelies, if you are here for the first time, I wish you a warm welcome to my little blog!  For all of you that have been following my stories, I'm so happy you are back!  Today I'm getting a bit more personal and emotional than usual!  As you must of noticed by now, I have a very strong french accent even when I write - because of that,  for so long I prevented myself to blog regularly because I worry my english was not perfect enough. Well...I finally decided that shouldn't really stop me so here I am! I presume if you are back or still reading it's because you understand what I'm saying so far so I will continue!
My last post (my journey Part 1) was about when I first started my paper flower business: from my mini blooms to bridal packages. Also during that time, due to the high demand, I started making extra large paper flowers for wedding and photos backdrop …

My Journey as a Paper Flower Artist - Part One

My table in 2011 at the CBC Broadcasting Center downtown Toronto
Hey Lovelies, nice to see you here! A few weeks ago I was looking at old photos from blog posts I wrote all the way back in 2010! Seeing those pics made me realized how much I grew as an artist and as a person...My techniques changed a bit as I was coming up with new flower designs but throughout the years I kept my signature style...I stayed true to myself, the way I work and the way I like to see things done.
One of my first Handmade Card
When I first opened my Etsy shop in 2010, I was selling handmade cards. I was new to the "online" business world and I quickly realized how much the market was overly saturated with handmade cards -  I had no chance to stand out. While I kept my shop open and hoping for a sale,  I started making mini flowers to use as little embellishments on my cards then the brilliant idea to sell those mini blooms as scrapbooking supplies occured to me and I gave it a try...Well, I started…