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Are You Bloomed Away yet?

Yes! That's right!!! Be ready to "Be BLOOMED Away!" 

I love taking photographs of my paper flowers  before I mount them into fabulous bridal bouquets!

••••• Here is to my love for Champagne!!! This quote from Elizabeth Taylor is just perfect!

I truly LOVE designing paper flowers for each of my wonderful clients... Each project has it's specifics and details that makes them all unique!

Colors, colors and more colors!

I am totally BLOOMED AWAY by all these fabulous paper blooms  that I hand sculpted by hand with love just for you!
Are you???

*all photos and paper flowers in this article are Copyrighted by © Paper & Peony 2015

Trend Alert!!! Paper Flower Hair Accessories!

The Summer season is around the corner and I love flowers! All kinds of flowers!  How about lovely paper flower hair clip to accessorize all your fabulous outfits!  {{{Coming soon in the shop!}}}

Set with a single flower or embellished with leaves and feather...There is so many options to make these air clip fabulous! Custom request will be available soon in my online boutique!

One thing for sure...You'll see me wearing a few of my creations around town this summer!

All photos credit: Paper & Peony ©

Atmosphere Designs - Large Paper Flower Walls

Good day my Lovelies! A couple of years ago I had the pleasure to work with a fabulous lady,   Gue from ATMOSPHER DESIGNS. Gue wanted to design large paper flower walls for a special event and I helped by making the paper flowers...This project was one of my very first BIG Paper Flower Backdrop project to work on: making flowers to cover 3 large walls...It sure was a workout...truly a labor of love...But now seeing the photos...I have a huge feeling of see my paper blooms so beautifully displayed...It warms my heart! Gue was a total delight to work with...I'm definitely looking forward to future collaboration! Paper Flowers designed by Paper & Peony Wall Designs and Photos by ATMOSPHERE DESIGNS

Launching Paper & Peony!

Ever since I made all the final decisions for the new brand name, logo and colour palette, I’ve been thinking on how I should launch the new brand.
As you can see, Dragonfly Expression’s logo and brand has undergone a significant transformation. The new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what my original artistic design stands for...while simultaneously moving the brand forward. Striving to maintain the quality and creativity as an artist was my primary goal. 
Thanks to the professionalism and the eternal patience toward my indecisiveness,  Caroline Langevin, branding designer at Caro Design, made the brand enhancement   more than just a logo makeover—it is a reflection of my company’s renewed commitment to making my client’s vision for their project a reality.
I am excited to continue to provide you with the quality and uniqueness of my custom floral artistry you are accustom with. In the coming months I will launch even more new products  and a fresh new look on …