Featured Artist of the Week: Crafted to Bloom

Happy Friday lovelies!
This week we are getting up close and personal with the fabulous and super talented Jessie Chui owner and designer at Crafted to Bloom
Jessie is a self-taught paper floral artist and create beautiful and unique paper floral pieces 
using crepe paper. I'm a huge admirer of Jessie's work!...Her intricate floral designs and attention to details makes me gasp at every new creation! 

“Capturing a moment in time through intricate, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind paper florals…”

photo: Jessie Chui
photo: Jessie Chui

I asked Jessie a few questions and was most amazed to found out how her career made a 360º turn!

1. How or why did you start making paper flowers?

I started making paper flowers because I wanted keepsakes for my wedding. Naturally, I thought of making my centerpieces and bouquets out of a medium that wouldn't perish and turned to crepe paper. I've always been very resourceful so I found it very easy to find ways to teach myself how to make the paper flower (through Pinterest and Lia Griffith tutorials, by Googling, and reading Livia
Cetti's book), so it wasn't a stretch for me to decide to plunge into a new artistic challenge.

2. what is your most important artistic tool? 

Is there something you can't live without in your studio?
Any tool that changes the colour of the crepe paper. I love my bleach, Pan Pastels, Ranger alcohol inks, Design Master Colortool/TintIt, and Copic markers.

3. Describe your dream paper flower project?

Working with clients who trust me and my art completely and have an unlimited budget for their bouquets and arrangements. I've been super blessed that all of my clients have been so understanding and easy to work with. I'm selfish in that I don't like when my creativity is damped or my vision constrained because of the client's budget. So I've had to place a minimum and that has brought me some wonderful projects. I used to think I'd love to make large installations for window displays or do commercial work, but since actually making large installations for a window display/editorial, I've realized that I really prefer to work on intricate designs on a smaller scale. So if you give me an order for a large bridal bouquet or arrangement, I'll be on cloud nine.

4. Favourite or most inspirational place?

Books. I'm a bookworm and a true believer that happiness can be found between the pages. My husband says books will be extinct within our lifetime, but I beg to differ. Not while I'm alive! I collect books and my favourite ones right now are any books on flowers and arrangements. I'm floored by the gorgeous images in these books. I'm an observer so books lets me analyze all of the beautiful details over and over again.

5. Most people don't know that...

Before I had my son and then started my paper floral business, I practiced family law for 7 years. Funny how we get where we are in life. 
Looking back, I think all of my life experience led me to what I'm doing now. I actually made my first crepe paper rose when I was in primary school and I recall that experience so vividly it surprises me. I took fine art classes throughout high school and even pursued a degree in graphic design at the start of my undergraduate studies before graduating with a law degree. Even my law practice gave me the skills to effectively manage client expectations, run my own business, and understand the value my time. I think my return to the fine arts is simply me coming full circle.
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-----> EXCITING  NEWS <-----
Jessie just launched her ONLINE COURSE  so it allows her to reach you even if you can't make her workshops in person! How fantastic!
Click here to learn more about Jessie's Online Course: http://craftedtobloom.com/bloom-with-me/ 

photo: Jessie Chui
photo: Jessie Chui
photo: Jessie Chui

You can follow Jessie on Instagram and Facebook.

How wonderful it is to get to know talented and inspiring fellow paper flower artists! 
Until the next time, have a fabulous weekend my lovelies!
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