Featured Artis of the Week: Korinna Krumpholz

Gorgeous paper floral creation by Korinna

Happy Weekend my Sweets!
I'm so excited today to present you Korinna Krumpholz - a super talented artist based in Germany.

I love getting to know paper floral artists from around the world...many started making paper flowers as a hobby like Korinna. She makes paper flowers for the pleasure of it! 
Korinna is one of my very first follower on Instagram - after a few comments, I clicked on her profile and I started gazing  at her fabulous paper floral creations made with crepe paper! Over the years we both grew within our art developing our unique style. 
If you are not following Korinna on Instagram already...I highly encourage you do!  
Add to your feed this extra extraordinaire doze of inspiration! 

Gorgeous floral arrangement inspired by Tulipina Design

Let get close and personal with Korinna!

How or why did you start making paper flowers?

As long as I can think of it was important for me to be creative. And I was always on the look-out for new ways to express my creativity. I painted, made drawings, I photographed … until one day I found Lia Griffiths website and her amazing tutorials. I was so thrilled that I almost immediately bought paper and started crafting. My very first project was her hydrangea wreath.... and for several weeks I spent every evening cutting the petals with my small curved nail scissors until I had enough to assemble the wreath. 

Lia Griffiths inspired Hydrangea Wreath made by Korinna!

And then I joined Instagram and discovered so many talented paper flower artist like Chantal Larocque, Tiffanie Turner, Jennifer Tran and so many others who inspire me and encourage me to challenge myself in order to improve my crafting skills. 

So yeah...I just LOVE to create paper flowers and to be connected to such a large world wide paper art community!

What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can't live or work without in your studio?

I still love my small curved nail scissors... in fact I have several in my possession! And I do almost all of my cutting with them. And then there are my trusty chopsticks... can't live without them! They're perfect for curling the petals!

Describe your dream paper flower project!

You said DREAM project... so yeah... let's dream big and fancy! :))
How awesome would it be to be part of a collaboration with other paper flower artist on common projects... to combine talents, ideas and efforts to create something unique and beautiful for ...I don't know...major photo shoots or a fashion show! Imagine Gucci and whimsical paper flowers... I would totally dig that!!!! ;))

Favourite or most inspirational place?

When seeking inspiration for my paper flowers... for me Instagram is definitely the place to go! It's a huge source for ideas and trends! And of course nature itself! I'm not the most outdoorsy type but I really came to appreciate the beauty you can find all around you when you actively start looking for it!

Most people don't know …

...that my second passion is cake art.  And I mean really fancy cakes with fondant decorations, sugar lace and gumpaste flowers. 

Cake Decorating by Korinna

This is in fact how I made my first contact with handmade flowers and I have to say I was hooked from the first moment I laid eyes on them. I thought it impossible that such beautiful and lifelike flower creations could really be handmade. So I guess my transition to paper flowers is not too surprising. ;) 
Perfect Paper Peony!

Floral Arrangment
Thank you so much Korinna for sharing with us...It was a total delight to get to know you better! 
You can find Korinna on instagram: @krummy_
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Until our next feature...Take care my Sweets!


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