Artist of the week: Jennifer Tran of Papetal™

Jennifer Tran owner of Papetal™

Oh! Lovelies, what a joy it was get to know a bit more our one and only
Jennifer Tran: flowersmith, photographer, author, and the founder of Papetal™.
Not only Jennifer is a well known artist in our paper flower community, her paper floral designs has been published in magazines worldwide, her book can be found in thousands of homes across the globe! I must say, Jennifer's unique style never cease to amaze and inspire!

Jennifer's book Flowersmith

Jennifer designed a line of fabulous products for her online boutique such as decorative objects inspired by her work for the Couture House Gucci.
The Jewellery collection is created  using a breakthrough innovation in paper craft. The entire collection is water resistant, flexible and a lot more durable than conventional paper flowers. 
And the Catchalls, which are fabulous dishes to catch all your little pretty things and look so lovely on a dresser or vanity...The Catchalls are inspired by Jennifer's Vietnamese heritage, particularly the aesthetic of traditional embroidery and lacquerware. When I saw the Peony dish, I couldn't resist and it looks totally amazing on my desk!

Jewellery Collection 

The Peony Catchall

Photo by Paper & Peony

Pink Peonies by Papetal™

Jennifer generously answered a few of my questions....So let's get close and personal with her:

Chantal: How or why did you start making paper flowers?

Jennifer: I discovered paper flowers as I was looking for ways of making a long lasting centerpiece for my friend’s surprised birthday party. Lucky for me, this was during the release of Thuss+Farell’s “Paper to Petal” book. I felt in love with the book and just within a few weeks, I had made most of the projects in it. Then, I started finding ways to make my own flowers. It was quite an exciting experience. I loved seeing how a flat sheet of paper could be turned into something so beautiful. I couldn’t stop making ever since.

Chantal: What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live or work without in your studio? 

Jennifer: I love a pair of good scissors. I use Fiskars multi-purpose scissors with soft rubber grib. They’re so durable and comfortable at the same time. I once made over 1000 flowers with them.

Chantal: Describe your dream paper flower project? 

Jennifer: I love commercial projects; those that allow me to work collaboratively with designers, art directors, stylists and photographers. It’s wonderful to see how a simple idea can evolve and blossom when everyone works together on it. And I love when I have the opportunity to learn from others. 

Chantal: Favourite or most inspirational place?  

Jennifer: I like the ocean. Whenever I have a creative block, I just take a walk down the beach, enjoy the sunshine and watch the waves. The ocean has a way of calming and inspiring me. 

Chantal: Most people don’t know that…

I don’t look anything like my work. My flowers are vibrant and Papetal Instagram page is full of colours. However, I am always dressed in black. I like it this way because I don’t want to get distracted by colours I like to only think about it when I’m working.  

Anemones and Dogwood flowers, with Papetal’s signature gold detailing 

Oversized Blooms by Papetal™

Oh! Thank you so much Jennifer for your visit on my blog!
And you my lovelies, if you are not following Jennifer already on Instagram...I highly recommend you do so if you wish to add a dose of fabulousness to your IG feed!

Until the next time..."Live Life in Full Bloom!"


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    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this interview Sue! Jennifer has inspired more people than we could imagine!


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