My Paper Flowers are Featured on Canada Post Stamps!

Canada Post Annual Flower Stamps 2019

When I was asked almost two years ago to design a 3D paper gardenia, 
I said : "yes of course! I can make that!"
At that moment Context Creative made me signed a NDA - then, they told me who it was for and what the project was: Canada Post Official Stamps
---> my heart skipped a beat.
This was in May 2017.

I had to make prototypes and give the client a proper quote and since stamps are like currency, I'm not receiving royalty on sales so when giving my price I had to take that into consideration. 
I made about 20 stems including the leaves and buds - Let's say the project was quite lucrative.
From May to late August I didn't hear anything, so I thought the project was off - at that moment I was getting ready for the release of my book so I was busy building up anticipation for this great accomplishment with my wonderful followers! Then, out of the blue, I received an email with details regarding the photos shoot of the flowers for the stamps. The client (Canada Post) preferred that I use crepe paper instead of cardstock which you know cardstock is my medium of choice. took me days (I mean daaaays) of practice and videos watching to learn how to shape properly crepe paper petals. In a way, with that project I started to appreciate the use of crepe paper for my foliages in my floral compositions. After I sent the crepe paper Gardenia bouquet to Toronto for THE photos session, I never used crepe paper to make flowers again. As much as I LOVE the look of crepe paper flowers, my little fingers couldn't wait to get back to shaping cardstock petals again and beside, my book Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers that was just about to be released is all about techniques how to shape cardstock flowers - I had a reputation to!

Concept design for the stamp by Context Creative sent to Canada Post June 2017 - These flowers are my Royal Roses from the book - nice visual adaptation of what the client Canada Post was to expect! LOVE the note about my work! *blushing*

Prototype #1 - Gardenia made with cardstock with crepe paper leaves

Photo I took of my original artwork before shipping to Toronto

With all that, even Context Creative didn't know if the stamp was ever going to be printed - another reason to not talk about the project - what if it never sees the light of day - that would have been alot of talking for nothing. Anyway, the following Spring, Canada Post released the Lotus as their annual flowers. I decided to forget the project all together. Months went by and only last October I received payment for the project which assured me the stamp was going to be launched in 2019!
Since even Context Creative didn't know when exactly the stamp was going to be released, once in a while I would visit the Canada Post site to see their new stamp issues....Then, last Monday it was there...
(I forgot to mentioned that all this time I was kept in the dark...not even a peek at the photos taken of my blooms... I asked but it involved me to sign other legal documents so I just decided to wait until it's release. )
The Lotus (Nelumbo lutea) - annual flower stamps 2018

Patience paid off because the stamps are more beautiful then what I imagined! 
Lionel Gadoury - the gentlemen who first contacted me about the project  once said the photos shoot was magical - well, he was right about that! BRAVO to the entire team at Context Creative because this annual flower stamp collection is absolutely GORGEOUS and yes I'm saying that too because my paper flowers - the ones I made with my heart and two hands are on them!!! I must point out that not only my blooms are beautifully featured, my name *cough*  appears on the official booklets! 
When the new 2020 stamps will be released, these beauties will find their place at the Canadian Museum of History in the "Stamp Room" - 
That is quite a privilege for me as an artist to have my work - the worldwide art of paper flower making  recognized is such beautiful way! 

Canada Post once again bring some colour and freshness into the lives (and mail) of winter-weary Canadians with its annual flower stamp issue. This year, the focus is on a woody perennial shrub bloom: The Gardenia.
Let your love for flowers bloom with these two stamps celebrating the beauty of gardenias. This colourful collectible, part of Canada Post’s annual flower issue, includes two PermanentTM domestic stamps, both featuring different views of the fragrant Cape jasmine gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides).

With such beautiful flowers, it’s easy to see why giving gardenias was known as a way of saying ‘I think you’re lovely’ during shy Victorian times. These days, the white petals are considered a symbol of purity, making gardenias a popular choice for weddings.
The official  release day is February 14th but the stamps are already available for pre-order on the Canada Post website!

Gardenia: Official First Day Cover
Gardenia: Souvenir Sheet
Gardenia: Permanent™Domestic Stamps - Booklet of 10

Et Voilà my Sweets!
For all the times I kept telling myself "don't spill the beans"!
I'm on a cloud guys...and now I'm making up for all those times I kept quiet and you'll hear about it in the news and social medias for a few more days!
All that talk but honestly, nothing wouldn't been possible if it wasn't for M.Gadoury who first noticed my work on LinkIn! Thank you Lionel for giving me the chance to work alongside you and your talented team of experts for this prestigious project

So, that's that my lovelies!
Now, let's go pre-order a whole bunch of stamps!!!
And if you haven't put your hands on a copy of my wonderful book - now it's the time!
Click here for the link!  



  1. OMG!!! That is fabulous Chantal �� I need one of these stamps even though Im in the US, still makes me want to collect stamps since yours is GORGEOUS. Congrats my fellow petal girl ��

    1. Thank you my dear Anna! I used to take stamps for granted until I learned all the work involve in the making of just one edition and only then I realized how big of a deal it was to be apart such a grand project.

  2. Truly awesome, I ended up here by chance as I often scroll through the Canada Post website. If not for reading this I would have thought they were real flowers. Such a talented artist. I understand the frustration of waiting and waiting, that is a big Corporation for you, everything needs to be signed off on, in the end you made it and it will last forever!

  3. It is rather fantastic to read this story. Gave me a peak behind the curtain to see what went on before a stamp got released. Always curious about the stories behind the stamp designs.

    On another note, your design really is beautiful. I have them in my Traveler's notebook right by my hand. I don't buy stamps often but I bought them, and I used them for a floral-themed mother's day card to my mom all the way across the globe.



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