2020 In Full Bloom

Well hello my sweets!
Have you heard of Shutterstock? 
Shutterstock is an American provider of stock photography, stock footage, 
stock music, and editing tools.
If you are a paper flower lover, creative maker you want to know this:
Shutterstock users look for millions of images, videos, and music tracks every day, using keywords to power their searches. This data helps us uncover what creative projects are in the works—and in turn reveal the global trends that will define 2020.
Can you guess one of the trend this year?
Flowers!!! Forget elegant arrangements and delicate displays. The floral visuals of tomorrow are big, bright, and in full bloom. 
(And that totally goes with my "2020 Word of the Year" 
According to Shutterstock, photography with bold still life and footage of vivid flowerscapes is thriving, while typography teeming with plant life continues to grow in popularity.

So here's to you my sweet creatives...here's to a year In Full Bloom - a year filled with bigger, brighter and bolder paper flower creations!! Check out my book "Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers" for easy to follow tutorials (all templates included) to make over 50 fabulous blooms and arrangements!


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