Easy DIY ideas and tips to WOW your Guests!

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I don't know about you but...this time of year...when we turn back the clock - days are shorter - I have an urge to prep my house for cocooning  to help me cope with the winter blues! So I love fuzzy throws on the sofa and candles everywhere...While wearing my fav outfits (you know...flannel Pajamas), I enjoy to cook comforting meals and bake deliciousness to compensate for the lack of daylight and uplift my mood! 
I also feel the need to host fabulous intimate dinners! 

I love (I mean LOVE) setting a beautiful table. Shinny flatware, sparkling crystals, candles and of course adding personalized touches... 
There’s something special about gathering a few favorite people for a meal. A beautifully set table is the perfect canvas for a delicious meal. 
It won’t come as much of a surprise that I love making paper flowers for my dinner parties and creating small centerpieces that complement my table linens and china.

Click to view video to make these paper Anemones

If you are making floral centerpieces, the rule of thumb is to keep them low enough that guests can talk over them. I also love a candlelit table, but prefer to stick to non-scented for these occasions, since you don’t want to interfere with the tastes and smells of your meal.  

Assigned seating certainly isn’t a requirement these days, but it can help the conversation flow more effortlessly at parties. Plus, it’s an opportunity to craft some sweet paper flower place cards to complement the table setting. I just happen to know your guests will be thrilled to bring their flowers home as keepsake! You could replace the "Place Card" flowers with a fabulous napkin ring

The Royal Rose Napkin Ring

When working on my book "Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers"- I was so excited to share with you easy paper flower DIYs because as we all know... Flowers are universally beloved and have an effortless knack for making just about any room more beautiful and any person in their presence a little happier.
Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers

I recently added in my shop DIY Kits of pre-cut petals for you to easily make fabulous paper blooms for your next dinner or just for you to brighten your space! 
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DIY Kits...well...everything in the shop for that matter!

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In the weeks to come, many homes will be filled with friends and family, love and laughter...I'm confident these little DIY ideas and tips will help you to add that extra "pizzaz" to your home and table setting to WOW your guests!

Happy "forever bloom making"!


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