Create Fabulous Paper Flower Flatlays in 3 Easy Steps

Hello my sweets!
As I was putting together the monthly color palette challenge for our FB group for the month of August -(seriously...where did July go???!)  I thought to add an extra challenge to spruce up our photo creativity. Why? ...Well, to start...the flowers we make with our two hands out of paper becomes our precious work of art and why not take the time to capture our beauties on lens by creating an eye-catching images that tells a story.
Now you might ask...what the heck is a creative flatlay?
"A flatlay is a picture taken from a birds eye view of a collection of items laid out on a flat surface."
In other words, you’re shooting items from directly above. 
Here's a few example of my creative flatlays:

photo by Paper & Peony

photo by Paper & Peony

photo by Paper & Peony

Here are 3 easy steps to create fabulous flatlays:

1. Use a light color or white background. You can arrange your objects on a white piece of cardboard, a sheet or table. If you don’t have anything white, work with what you’ve got! A flat surface is best.

2. Do a bit of styling. Look at what is laid out in front of you and see how you can make it more visually appealing. You can use any meaningful objects to tell a story with your paper flowers.

3. As with any photography, as I previously mentioned in one of my article, pay attention to your lighting. Natural light is beautiful, so why not move your arrangement near a window. Try and make sure your phone or camera is parallel to the table or surface you’re photographing. like me, you might like to climb on a sturdy chair to get a little bit more height. (find tips here about photography lighting)

I love taking photos...and I learned to play with what's around me to create eye-catching images. 
It's time we give our paper blooms proper photo shoots to show the world our 

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Have fun!


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