Why I Love Teaching Paper Flower Workshops!

Well hello my Sweets!
I can't believe I haven't been here since the reveal of my secret project last February! 
Wow! Time sure flies when working on beautiful projects and teaching awesome workshops!
Here I am today because I wanted to share with you how teaching classes truly makes me feel.

The workshops I've been teaching locally are programmed for ones who never made paper flowers before -the goal is to initiate new peeps to the beautiful art of paper flower making! 
But no fear...the projects are quite fun and everyone gets to go home afterward with fabulous floral creations they made themselves with the help of my coaching! 

Everytime I'm meeting a new group I can littereally see and feel an energy switch in the air and on my student's face! Let me explain: since it's a first experience for most, I can feel a bit of tension - the kind of tension when facing an unknown situation...having to do something for the first time. 
Then after sharing a few steps, tips and tricks...pieces of paper are slowly transfomed into beautiful blooms and the atmosphere in the room changes completely! 
Everyone's face is glowing and becomes all smiles and that my sweets, that trasformation is what I feed on...it makes me so happy to make people happy...to share a bit of my knowledge that opens the door to this beautiful craft:  
"The Blooming Art of Paper Flower Making!" 

Here are some photos of past workshops showing different projects and beautiful smiles:


These workshops wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the generosity of the wonderful hosts who opens their awesome space for  these classes to happen!
Thank you to Crackle & Teal, Carte Blanche, Front Porch Mercantile, Duly Noted

Can you guess what happens after a class when my students go home with their gorgeous project in hands? Friends and family are in awe and I get so many inquiries about future workshops! Paper flower making is is kind of a contagious craft and totally addicting - and you know what's great? While I teach the technics, I show my students how to use tools they already have in their home to make paper flowers like knitting needles, sushi sticks, mouse pads, baking measuring spoons and more! No need to invest on expensive tools - along with a glue gun and 65lb cardstock, paper flowers can easily be made with my coaching in person or throught my famous DIY Book: Bold & Beautiful Paper Flowers available worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart,  Chapters, Target and more!

Have a fabulous week my sweets!
Until next time, "Happy Paper Flower Making"!


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  2. now I know why the blog is called peonies and paper. Each post has peony and paper. I love these flowers! :)


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